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Getting Started with Nora

We’re so excited for you to experience Smart Nora! Follow along the video above and set up your device. For other questions please visit our Help Center or get in touch with one of our support members.

Getting The Most Out of Nora

Remember to give yourself 7 nights to get used to the movement of your pillow. Smart Nora will fade into the background over time.

Tip #1 – Keep the Base plugged in to the wall and On. Yep, you can keep it plugged in at all times.

Tip #2 – Start the night with 30-minute delay to allow yourself to fall asleep before Nora listens for sounds of snoring. Press and hold the large ON/OFF Button on pebble for 3 second to initiate 30-minute delayed start (indicated with a blinking white light on the top LED).

Tip #3 – Start with the middle setting for snore detection sensitivity and pillow height then tweak to your comfort level as you go.

See below for some more troubleshooting tips.

To pair the Pebble and Base, first connect the Pebble and Base with a USB cable. Both the Pebble and the Base should be OFF. Then turn ON the Base, unlock the Pebble. On the Pebble, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds. A purple light will flash, then stop flashing when a Bluetooth connection is established. If the purple light keeps flashing for more than 10 seconds, press the ON button to stop the flashing and press ON again to turn on the Pebble. If the purple light stops flashing, turn the Pebble ON. The LED should show a solid white light. Nora is now ready.

Using a paperclip, press the small reset button housed with the Pebble (located between the Lock switch and the Bluetooth button) and the Base Unit (located below the air nozzle).

A red light flashing on either end of the Pebble or Base indicates that the device is low on battery and will not turn on. If the Base is flashing red, plug it into the power source. If the Pebble is flashing red, connect the Pebble to the Base using the USB cable. Smart Nora can still function while charging. During normal use keep the Base plugged into the wall and the Pebble connected to the Base with the USB cable.

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